At some time in late January to early February, the high school begins the process of scheduling nearly 1,000 students for the following school year. This involves school counselors speaking to students about the requirements they must meet and the choices that they have, distributing scheduling materials, collecting course selections from students in the student portal, validating student selections, and uploading student selection data into the scheduling system. At that point, in late spring, the building principal begins building a master schedule that meets the requests of as many students as possible. As a result of certain technology investments, North Pocono is fortunate to be able to schedule 95% of student requests (or more) annually. This success ratio is almost unheard of in most high schools across the country. Most aspects of the master schedule are complete by early June, with finishing touches being completed by early August.

The materials below are used by school counselors when explaining to students the requirements and options they have when selecting courses. 

Student Scheduling Presentation (Grade 9)

Student Scheduling Presentation (Grades 10-12)

Student Course Request How-to Video

High School Curriculum Information