North Pocono High School offers five programs of study. They are as follows:

  • Academic - The academic program of study is designed to prepare students for college level work.
  • Accelerated - The accelerated program of study is designed to position students to engage in challenging and enriching course content. During the junior year, assignments and difficulty will focus on college readiness. During senior year, assignments and difficulty will focus on college level content.
  • General - The general program of study prepares students for integration into the 21st Century workforce or transition into some kind of post-secondary education or training. Business - The business program of study combines the general or academic program of study with business electives.
  • Vocational - The vocational program of study offers students an opportunity to combine their general or academic program of study at North Pocono High School with one of sixteen vocational programs of study offered through the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County.
  • Advanced Placement Courses - The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers college level courses and examinations to high school students. The underlying premise of the AP Program is that college level courses can be successfully taught to high school students by high school teachers on high school campuses. Advanced Placement courses make it possible for academically talented students to upgrade the quality and increase the challenge of their studies, both in high school and college.
    • The Advanced Placement Program consists of courses identified by the College Board as college level in content. Upon successful completion of an AP course, it is strongly suggested that students take the corresponding AP exam to realize the full benefit of the course. Based on the score the student receives on a particular examination and the specific college or university that a student chooses to attend, college credit, advanced standing or course waiver may be offered to that student.
    • Students enrolled in these courses will be expected to perform at a stringent level of competence and should anticipate a significant amount of additional work outside of class.
    • North Pocono High School offers the following Advanced Placement (AP) courses: AP Art History, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English (Literature), AP English (Language & Composition), AP Environmental Studies, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Music Theory, AP Physics I, AP Physics 2, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP U.S. Government & Politics, AP U. S. History, AP Spanish, and AP World History.
  • Keystone Exam Remediation – If a student is not successful in a Keystone required course, remediation will be required. This may require changes to a student’s schedule to accommodate remediation and could affect any of the above programs of study.